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“As They Sow…” – Poetry

The fool abolishes law  and order, The imbecile claims he is God incarnate, The ego seeks glory and psychic power, The traitor worships the Gods Of Death.   All-hail the Indignation! Let man be torn from the pedestal he stole! The Owner Of Worlds is not amused. The Mother  and Father see all   As… Continue reading “As They Sow…” – Poetry

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“Choose the Light, Be the Light”: Site / Lit. / Personal Update

  It's been quite some time since I posted a personal update here. I turned my site into a kind of online resume where people could read some of my poetry and take a look at my other credits as my career really takes off. However, with the new year, I'm putting together some new… Continue reading “Choose the Light, Be the Light”: Site / Lit. / Personal Update

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“Astaire and Rogers Divine” – Poetry

He said, "Let there be light!" But was that all? Far from it... The Goddess and the God spin around and around Astaire and Rogers Divine To a celestial harmony Sung by Their Children infinitely. And as They part ways, in that empty space Is the memory of romance eternal They must dance the boundary… Continue reading “Astaire and Rogers Divine” – Poetry

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“Heaven’s Road” – Poetry

I feel your pain and smell your fear and hear your desperate cry - The light within my temple spills across the starry skies. At once, my heart propells me! You the faithful one, your prayer - My form it blinds you cruelly, Setting fire to the air! We race upon my endless wings with… Continue reading “Heaven’s Road” – Poetry

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“The Story Of Beautiful Light” – Poetry

There once was a beautiful light, Sent down from the greatest of heights. Those below saw it all, And they sniffed and guffawed! But the light was still burning and bright.   This gift that was sent from above, In kindness and gentlest love - And they giggled and scorned, At the colors unborn -… Continue reading “The Story Of Beautiful Light” – Poetry

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“Candle Light Prayer” – Poetry

I come before You humbly As the candle flickers low With all my imperfections In this land of frozen snow.   Insanity arising As we play the ageless war - I come before You humbly As the ancients did before.   You Whose heart is endless, You of stained glass crystal mind Who pens the… Continue reading “Candle Light Prayer” – Poetry

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“Those Who Watch (and Those Who Don’t)” – Poetry

Fleeting shadows, wisps of darkness Arrested breath Illusion?   Flashing beacons, wings so bright Racing mind Confusion.   Scarlet portals, sinister gaze Rising fear Delusion?   Light is darkness, darkness - light? Woven webs Corruption.   "Nothing to fear. Do as thou wilt." Questionable fantasy Propagation?   Angelic sonnets turned to sneers Devilish growls Deception!… Continue reading “Those Who Watch (and Those Who Don’t)” – Poetry

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“Feathers” – Poetry

Fairyland whispers Essence of faith Another time gently beckons The thoughts of Gods swiftly move Heaven’s answers, so elusive Eagerly awaiting response Requiring a leap of faith Signs that we are not alone   Poetry Copyright © 2017 - 2023 by Ena Whiteraven     All rights reserved. Photographer: unknown

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“Ariel” – Poetry

Scorching sands, raging seas Essence of Eternity Golden lyre, flaming door Portal of the mighty Roar Goddess/God, Servant/King Watches as all nature sings Open hand to iron fist Betrayal has led to serpent's hiss Myriad faces, countless eyes Called the dragon in disguise Six-winged sun, feline gaze Many names in ancient days Aged Mother, ever… Continue reading “Ariel” – Poetry

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“Queen Of Heaven and Earth” – Poetry

Hail and fire, winds and dust Tremble before You Depths of oceans, peaks of mountains Submit to You Lions and doves, dragons and men Bow before You Day and evening, evening and day Ruled by You. Evergreen and boxwood, lapis and gold Abundant for You Hymns and legends, poetry and art They praise You Eyes… Continue reading “Queen Of Heaven and Earth” – Poetry