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“Ariel” – Poetry


Scorching sands, raging seas

Essence of Eternity

Golden lyre, flaming door

Portal of the mighty Roar

Goddess/God, Servant/King

Watches as all nature sings

Open hand to iron fist

Betrayal has led to serpent’s hiss

Myriad faces, countless eyes

Called the dragon in disguise

Six-winged sun, feline gaze

Many names in ancient days

Aged Mother, ever pacing

No repose and no restraining

Scarlet tresses, golden light

Evil flees before thy sight


Poetry Copyright 2019 – 2023 by Ena Whiteraven     All rights reserved.

Inspired by:

Featured and first images: artists unknown, no copyright violation is intended.

Second image: artist M. Waters, found on the web, no copyright violation is intended.

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