About the Author

  Ena Whiteraven (a.k.a. Henry) is a writer and poet who uses elements of mystery and fantasy to inspire readers to seek truth and embrace imagination and creativity in an increasingly dark world. Her work has been featured at The Poetry Bar and The Positivity Press. Her author site, The Whiteraven Net, will feature excerpts from her upcoming poetry book.
   Ena enjoys finding fellow writers, as well as publishers, who share her vision. She occasionally appears as a guest blogger on the famed Spiritually Awkward Magazine / A Life Of Virtues with her friend and mentor Alura Cein. In her spare time, she also enjoys reading, gardening, paper and nature crafting, learning new skills, and living the simple life. She’s also an active member of the private Facebook group Exploring Angels.

Contact at: enawhiteraven@gmail.com

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