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“Heaven’s Road” – Poetry


I feel your pain and smell your fear

and hear your desperate cry –

The light within my temple spills

across the starry skies.

At once, my heart propells me!

You the faithful one, your prayer –

My form it blinds you cruelly,

Setting fire to the air!

We race upon my endless wings

with strength unmatched by men –

Far above the noose and stake,

The sword and burning end.

Landing softly, turning now

to don a heavy veil –

Conceil my brilliant eyes that see

the Heaven and the Hell.

Rocking you to slumber,

guiding dreams away from woe –

Smiling gently for my love

Is paving Heaven’s Road.


Poetry Copyright © 2019 – 2023 by Ena Whiteraven   All rights reserved.

Artwork: artist unknown

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