“Welcome to the Light Side”

  During that time, I tried to learn more about the Rh- blood types, which lead me to a video by Alura. This was how I first came to know of Her. However, the situation in the home was not conducive to Her teachings, especially after having become entangled with the false teacher. Mom and I began working with Alura in secret, finally culminating in us taking steps to completely change our job and living situations to something much healthier.

  I recall when the original online group began and some of the people who were in that group. Over the years, I’ve seen massive changes in the so-called new age movement that proved to me that Alura’s guidance was correct. I’m very glad I got out when I did. 

  We secretly went vegetarian and then completely vegan and have bounced back and forth between the two ever since, with me usually being the more hard-core vegan in the family.   

  While I still have a lot of things to change in all areas of my life, I can say that my faith in the Heavens has certainly increased. I’ve been put through exercises that have improved my relationship with God and have even gotten some answers to questions that no one else could have given me.

  Admittedly, the only downside to it is that it’s become even more difficult to even start a relationship with other people, but that’s mostly because of the world and what’s being promoted now. Having gone through several courses and coaching sessions with Alura has opened my eyes to so many things. People I could have connected to ten or twenty years ago are now so wrapped up in their phones that they don’t even see me, but there will always be a few who do.

  It would be nice to have more true friends, but I can’t expect others to be where I am. That’s not how life works. I don’t look for others to share that part of my path with anymore because I know I’m not going to find them in “spirituality”. A friend who’s just interested in the same hobbies and studies is just as valuable, sometimes more so.

  As more of the Herald’s predictions come true, I focus on following advice, getting regular guidance and energy maintenance, and going deeper with courses and assignments that help me get out of the house and make a change – no matter how small. I stay aware but don’t worry about my safety because I’m doing what I should be doing, and Those Above can see that. If They tell me to get out of a certain situation or to stay away from something, then I do. This also includes what jobs I apply for and has already saved me some grief.  

  There are many more things that continue to happen and new experiences that have made this spiritual journey called life a bit more interesting (and potentially hazardous) lately; but out of respect for spirit, I won’t record them here. The realm of spirit is not to be taken lightly. It’s not a game one plays for amusement. It permeates every area of life because it is life. The two are inseparable. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t exist.

As others throw away their belief in God and the afterlife, I find mine has only increased, expanded, and become more devout. I firmly believe this is because I went into this truth-seeking journey with the right intentions in the first place. And when I realized some of my motives were not as pure as I’d thought, I worked to change them. When I began to feel funny about the false teacher, I was pulled away; but I didn’t give up. Eventually, my guides led me to the right one. And when I found Her, I chose to take another chance. After all, what did I have to lose? It wasn’t as if I was making a commitment on the first day. I did it one small step at a time, and I don’t regret my choice.

  I don’t expect to ever be all-knowing here or to even be one hundred percent awake in this lifetime. That’s not what I’m doing this for. I do it simply to make God and the Heavens happy. At the end of the day, what They think about me is all that matters – because that’s the only thing that’s truly real.

The End