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Personal Post/ Lit, Update: “When Hope Springs”

Superlative Deviation: Life With Meaning, Life With Joy

I completed my first novel at the beginning of this month and am now consulting with my mentor and life coach on the next steps, not only in my career but also in my life. As Alura has told everyone, it’s vital during this time to continue working on your higher self goals. The global depression is meant to take you off your path and destroy everything you’ve fought so hard for. It’s not the end of the world, just the end of the world we used to know. Not everything will be destroyed, and there will be a time to rebuild. While the new world is not going to be a very good one, we can make our own worlds just the way we want them to be and then unite to make a community that helps others. The world never needed that more than now. The only question…

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Lit. and Personal Update: “Chapter Twelve and Fighting For the Goals”

Superlative Deviation: Life With Meaning, Life With Joy

Hello, people! I’m so glad to be back with some personal posts and literary updates. So much has happened lately, I hardly know where to begin.

First of all, I hope everyone is safe and secure this holiday season. Please take the time to draw closer to family and bring back some of the innocence and magic that this time of year used to bring. Remember: it’s not the holiday that’s changed; it’s the values many have adopted. Be the change you wish to see. As Alura says – heaven gives you the light, but you have to care for it. If you’re honestly doing your best, they will help you. If you need to connect with like-minded people and find some good support and love, please feel free to check out Alura’s group on her site. Believe me, we all have our bad days. That’s doesn’t matter, though, because…

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“The Story Of Beautiful Light” – Poetry

There once was a beautiful light, Sent down from the greatest of heights. Those below saw it all, And they sniffed and guffawed! But the light was still burning and bright.   This gift that was sent from above, In kindness and gentlest love - And they giggled and scorned, At the colors unborn -… Continue reading “The Story Of Beautiful Light” – Poetry

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“The Inventor” – Poetry

The shield of safety tightly bound To that sacred edifice Refreshed, renewed by seven measured rounds Passersby must think it strange The workings of a madman of eccentric mind The wars of sorcerers know no bounds What would they think of what led him here? Rulers reward the rich in power But heaven praises those… Continue reading “The Inventor” – Poetry