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Poetry: “Choosing Sides”

I awoke one day to find a cryptic lie had seized my mind. I awoke one day to see illusions claiming I was free. I awoke one day to feel the seven deadly, putrid seals. I awoke one day to think how near my soul came to the brink. I awoke one day to do… Continue reading Poetry: “Choosing Sides”

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Special Feature: Link to “Christmas Star”

Vital information from Alura Cein that has also been shared to Superlative Deviation.

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“Poetic Definitions No. 1” – Poetry

Failure: Holographic images of chains Death: Formed from the worship of lies Empathy: Scandalous affront to unbalanced logic Innocence: The denied right of childhood   Poetry Copyright © 2020 by Ena Whiteraven   All rights reserved. Image: found online, author unknown

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“As They Sow…” – Poetry

The fool abolishes law  and order, The imbecile claims he is God incarnate, The ego seeks glory and psychic power, The traitor worships the Gods Of Death.   All-hail the Indignation! Let man be torn from the pedestal he stole! The Owner Of Worlds is not amused. The Mother  and Father see all   As… Continue reading “As They Sow…” – Poetry