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“Candle Light Prayer” – Poetry

I come before You humbly

As the candle flickers low

With all my imperfections

In this land of frozen snow.


Insanity arising

As we play the ageless war –

I come before You humbly

As the ancients did before.


You Whose heart is endless,

You of stained glass crystal mind

Who pens the perfect novel

Of a time outside of time,


Look kindly on the innocent

The plants and birds who sing,

The child and the warrior

The servant and the king –


The victim, the perverted

The lost and, yes, the found

The unicorns, the fairies

And the life deep underground –


The souls who have been fractured

By the cruelest acts we know,

The ones who’ve not been born yet

And can’t give a “yes” or “no”.


Thank you for the strengths we win

From struggle and from strife,

And for the ink and pages

Without which we’d not know life –


Thank you for the silence

And the music of the spheres,

And for the angel-in-disguise

You sent to guide us here.


I come before You humbly

As the candle flickers low –

Trembling at the vastness

Of Infinity unknown.


Phoenixes arising

As we dance to Ariel’s Roar,

And now I tend the fire

As the ancients did before.


Poetry Copyright © 2019 – 2023 by Ena Whiteraven     All Rights Reserved.

Inspired by: Lily Aurore Therese Todd

Written for and dedicated to: Alura Cein and Truthian Circle

Photography: artist unknown

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