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“Choose the Light, Be the Light”: Site / Lit. / Personal Update

Sunset In Orbit
View From Stratosphere – Photo taken from the airplane to 120000 meters
  It’s been quite some time since I posted a personal update here. I turned my site into a kind of online resume where people could read some of my poetry and take a look at my other credits as my career really takes off. However, with the new year, I’m putting together some new plans. Although The Whiteraven Net and Superlative Deviation are different, I don’t want them to be completely separate.
  If you have been keeping up with the most recent posts on my personal blog, you know about a few of the changes I’ve been going through and my re-newed determination to motivate people to unite and create a better situation in the world. The previous post I shared here on this site confirms the urgency for and reality of the impact we could have. However, my wonderful mentor, Alura – who is responsible for motivating me to get my own life together and go for my dream of being a published author and is one of the primary people encouraging this movement  – is being silenced. Not only that, but there have been and continue to be plaigerism of her work that is not going to help the public come together at all, but rather feed the ego and keep people stuck. Her Youtube channel has been shadow banned, and there are many others in various spiritual and non-spiritual communities that are being banned, as well. Yet, all is not lost.
  New pages are being added to The Whiteraven Net. The two I just released explain and link to the Facebook groups I’m an active member of. We are a true collective – a family that actively works toward the betterment of the world. Our project for this year is to volunteer at homeless shelters to uplift and be a loving support to those who struggle to survive and have no away to prepare for what’s coming. As someone who has experienced homelessness in the past, this really touches my heart. There are many other easy projects that we do to keep ourselves motivated while motivating others, as well; and we all share our experiences and discoveries on our platforms. As a writer dedicated to producing work with similar themes, this is like watching the stories come to life – while being a part of it, myself. I encourage others to join us and participate in whichever activities you’d enjoy and invite others, too. There’s always room for more!
  Alura has also created a new channel on her own website that has videos Youtube will not allow. You can sign up for free and become part of the community there, too! There are many upcoming projects we’ll be doing.
  Stay tuned, also, for more poetry and creative writing. My first novel is only a couple of chapters away from completion. Then, it’s off to the lit. agents! Make sure you follow Superlative Deviation, as well, for the content there – personal posts, shared work from other writers and bloggers, and fun surprises coming this year.
  Remember: you are valued – you are meaningful – and you are loved. Embrace your creativity this year!
 – E.W.

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