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Brief Update and Personal Post

On Superlative Deviation.

Superlative Deviation: Life With Meaning, Life With Joy

Recently it’s been crazy here. My family has endured some unexpected issues and demolition in our home, but things are much more quiet now. I hope to be able to post a little more regularly soon. I apologize for not posting new content as promised, but life happens. Isn’t it great!

As previously mentioned, new updates on my writing projects are being posted on T.W.N. A new one will be out this coming Tuesday. I also plan to post one or two fun things to S.D. on the same day. As the days get a little hectic, I’m trying to get organized again. I have made several changes to the running of the blog and my author site which should help greatly. You might also notice some editing of my bio and other information, as well.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope everyone is doing well.

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“Praise” – Poetry

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