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Lit. Update: Reality, Research, and Future Surprise

  As fellow writers will know, the submission process can be daunting and time consuming. I have been keeping track of the dates of my various submissions and am also in the process of investigating alternative publishing platforms - specifically for the poetry book. I'm not sure exactly how to release it yet. There's still… Continue reading Lit. Update: Reality, Research, and Future Surprise

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Excerpt (Poetry) : “There Is a Sweet Hereafter”

It is what you make of it. The images of mind. It is the limits of your soul In boundless space and time. It is the darkness or the light. The strangeness and the learning. The opportunities you missed, Distracted on the journey... The hearts you healed, the hearts you broke. The lightness and the… Continue reading Excerpt (Poetry) : “There Is a Sweet Hereafter”

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Lit. Update: Poetry

  As visitors and followers of my author site are aware, I've begun removing some content and making several updates to pages and posts. I'm happy to say that I have collected all the poems I have written to date, and the revisions are progressing very well. Several pieces that have been deleted from this… Continue reading Lit. Update: Poetry

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Lit. Update, Site Changes, and Poetry Book!

  As the start of a special celebration I recognize draws near, T.W.N. is going to experience some changes. On the advice of my mentor, I am starting work on my poetry book! I don't usually post literary updates here anymore, but I will for the poetry. Over recent months, I have been trying to… Continue reading Lit. Update, Site Changes, and Poetry Book!