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“Free-will (and Other Lies)” – Poetry

A moving picture postcard, animated scenery,

and dramas taken from the pages of a scripted comedy.

What is it you see? Just what you expect:

Material from Vaudeville and conveniences that lack

All purpose, life, and passion –

Set designs so cold and wooden.

Who is there behind it? Who has fed the Beast?

Who welcomes the iron curtain stretched from west to east?

It’s a simple matter of free-will (and other lies).

Why else can you never look each other in the eyes?

And as the raging giants shake and trample all the land,

you reject the chance to take each other by the hand –

Trading Paradise for the third and fourth regime,

Perpetual insanity, and daily tyranny.

Your time is nearly over. Who will join the rising

Of the meek and humble and abandon mankind’s falling?

Beware the poisoned gifts of free-will (and other lies),

for now you dare not even turn to look up at the skies.

Poetry Copyright © 2020 by Ena Whiteraven   All rights reserved.

Artwork: found online, photographer and artist unknown

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