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current events, Ena Whiteraven, Food For Thought, it's not too late, literary, motivation, poetry, Uncategorized

“Traveling a Broken Record” – Poetry

To plan an adventure, a sojourn in a distant land Mesmerized by frequencies, kaleidoscope of bizarre new sights Hallucinations of other's dreams, yet so convincing Then I collide with the blatant irony, so elusive yet so clear That all is the same everywhere, encryptions that never vary Repetitive trends and teachings, identical fantasies and thrills… Continue reading “Traveling a Broken Record” – Poetry

Alura Cein, clean up your act, Ena Whiteraven, environment, health, it's not too late, literary, motivation, poetry, The Angelic Herald, Uncategorized, ways you can help

“Beloved” – Poetry

When among the artificial world you have created, Recall you were not made for this darkness so inflated.   Sparkling orbs and strands of light have always been yourself, Do not trade them for the lies disguised as wisdom and wealth.   You are beloved by Source and can remember who you are, But will… Continue reading “Beloved” – Poetry