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“Astaire and Rogers Divine” – Poetry

He said, "Let there be light!" But was that all? Far from it... The Goddess and the God spin around and around Astaire and Rogers Divine To a celestial harmony Sung by Their Children infinitely. And as They part ways, in that empty space Is the memory of romance eternal They must dance the boundary… Continue reading “Astaire and Rogers Divine” – Poetry

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“A Letter To the Foolish” – Poetry

You treat Their Names with no respect And wonder why honor has left you You steal Their gifts given freely in love And wonder why famine destroys you You betray Their teachings, pervert Their signs And wonder why Tyranny rules you You mock Their images and grace And wonder why crime overwhelms you You burn… Continue reading “A Letter To the Foolish” – Poetry

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Lit. and Personal Update: “Chapter Twelve and Fighting For the Goals”

Superlative Deviation: Life With Meaning, Life With Joy

Hello, people! I’m so glad to be back with some personal posts and literary updates. So much has happened lately, I hardly know where to begin.

First of all, I hope everyone is safe and secure this holiday season. Please take the time to draw closer to family and bring back some of the innocence and magic that this time of year used to bring. Remember: it’s not the holiday that’s changed; it’s the values many have adopted. Be the change you wish to see. As Alura says – heaven gives you the light, but you have to care for it. If you’re honestly doing your best, they will help you. If you need to connect with like-minded people and find some good support and love, please feel free to check out Alura’s group on her site. Believe me, we all have our bad days. That’s doesn’t matter, though, because…

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“The Rising” – Poetry

Heaven be praised! I see the light! Grant me wisdom To stand and fight. Grant me wisdom To feel and see That blessed silence Eluding me. Grant me wisdom. Grant me hope. Let me thrive Instead of cope. And may the light within me stay United with the Endless Day.   Poetry Copyright © 2018… Continue reading “The Rising” – Poetry

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“Heaven’s Road” – Poetry

I feel your pain and smell your fear and hear your desperate cry - The light within my temple spills across the starry skies. At once, my heart propells me! You the faithful one, your prayer - My form it blinds you cruelly, Setting fire to the air! We race upon my endless wings with… Continue reading “Heaven’s Road” – Poetry

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“The Ancestors” – Poetry

Sparks fly? Of course not. Phantom slides are so ridiculous The truth is never told (Them and their monopoly.)   So gullible, yet so incredulous And their houses built on shifting sands The balance of the wheel goes ‘round! Inevitable  The stars are not deceived by pretense.   Darkness awaits the Light Light awaits the… Continue reading “The Ancestors” – Poetry

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“The Story Of Beautiful Light” – Poetry

There once was a beautiful light, Sent down from the greatest of heights. Those below saw it all, And they sniffed and guffawed! But the light was still burning and bright.   This gift that was sent from above, In kindness and gentlest love - And they giggled and scorned, At the colors unborn -… Continue reading “The Story Of Beautiful Light” – Poetry

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“There Was a Stranger” – Poetry

I once dreamed that there was a stranger, Who never saw love or knew laughter. Fear was all that they could see, And I saw that the stranger was me.   The fear coiled tightly inside, And spewed anger, hatred, and lies. It was too thick to be seen, And it poisoned the air that… Continue reading “There Was a Stranger” – Poetry

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“The End Of Confusion and Fear” – Poetry

The ancient tune’s a’calling me Away to where so few have gone. I run to join that joyful dance With the knowledge that it’s where I belong – But how I long to share the light and love with you, To laugh and cry at all the beauty here, And to race you to the… Continue reading “The End Of Confusion and Fear” – Poetry

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“The Inventor” – Poetry

The shield of safety tightly bound To that sacred edifice Refreshed, renewed by seven measured rounds Passersby must think it strange The workings of a madman of eccentric mind The wars of sorcerers know no bounds What would they think of what led him here? Rulers reward the rich in power But heaven praises those… Continue reading “The Inventor” – Poetry