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“The Inventor” – Poetry

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The shield of safety tightly bound

To that sacred edifice

Refreshed, renewed by seven measured rounds

Passersby must think it strange

The workings of a madman of eccentric mind

The wars of sorcerers know no bounds

What would they think of what led him here?

Rulers reward the rich in power

But heaven praises those who tried

What secrets he knows, and too close for comfort!

He showed you that paradise supreme

And you let the vultures pick his bones

The dead have long memories

The Earth’s is even longer

His is the dream of innocence

That comes to light the way

In furthest reaches dark and forlorn

The innocence shall be reborn

Poetry Copyright © 2017 – 2023 by Ena Whiteraven      All rights reserved.

Inspired by the life and death of Nikola Tesla.

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