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Poetry: “Happy New Year – It’s the End of Your World”

"It takes two to tango" - this is their excuse Yes. A victim and a perpetrator. You make your lofty promises - equality for all, do as you please If you get caught, spew hate in the face of Virtue. Subliminal images and sounds are crystal clear now Your follies, your perversions laid bare for… Continue reading Poetry: “Happy New Year – It’s the End of Your World”

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“Adventure Begins” – Poetry

Raise your soul, start your climb Up the great tree of life! Above all, remember why. Hush, sweet child. Dry your eyes For in the darkness, there's a prize Cloaked among the flesh, disguised. Hold to center on your flight And on the day that we unite, We will streak across the sky And ascend… Continue reading “Adventure Begins” – Poetry

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“The Ancestors” – Poetry

Sparks fly? Of course not. Phantom slides are so ridiculous The truth is never told (Them and their monopoly.)   So gullible, yet so incredulous And their houses built on shifting sands The balance of the wheel goes ‘round! Inevitable  The stars are not deceived by pretense.   Darkness awaits the Light Light awaits the… Continue reading “The Ancestors” – Poetry