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“Blinded” – Poetry

I passed by the open door, head shaking in awe At the petty grievances held, the loftiness of the up-turned nose, At the minds closed to all but grandeur. For some, it's bathed in silk and velvet, For others, gashing wounds are a Divine right. Life without the love of Heaven is the truest state… Continue reading “Blinded” – Poetry

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“Weighted and Shackled” – Poetry

Weighted and shackled, I struggle on Knowing the cost of surrender is high Endless worlds spiraling outward As Divinity's quill passes by I beg a little of that inspiration A chance to recapture that childhood dream Then carried on a distant breeze, a whisper "Take heart. Things are not what they seem." From here, I… Continue reading “Weighted and Shackled” – Poetry

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“Traveling a Broken Record” – Poetry

To plan an adventure, a sojourn in a distant land Mesmerized by frequencies, kaleidoscope of bizarre new sights Hallucinations of other's dreams, yet so convincing Then I collide with the blatant irony, so elusive yet so clear That all is the same everywhere, encryptions that never vary Repetitive trends and teachings, identical fantasies and thrills… Continue reading “Traveling a Broken Record” – Poetry

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“Gossip”- Poetry

Robed in various forms, Only the most overt is acknowledged. Hook and spike, lance and mace Dripping with perfume and incense. The simplest of addictions - What a destructive cocktail! Laced with sweet honey to mask The taste of death.   Poetry Copyright © 2020 by Ena Whiteraven   All rights reserved. Artwork: - found… Continue reading “Gossip”- Poetry

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“The Days Of Long Farewell” – Poetry

Hearken, children! Gather 'round! Circle's cast on sacred ground As I speak this ancient tale Of the days of long farewell - Lean in closer, bend your ears! All may listen, few may hear Stories and predictions made Learned from cradle, passed to grave - Now we face them each in turn All because we… Continue reading “The Days Of Long Farewell” – Poetry

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“A Letter To the Foolish” – Poetry

You treat Their Names with no respect And wonder why honor has left you You steal Their gifts given freely in love And wonder why famine destroys you You betray Their teachings, pervert Their signs And wonder why Tyranny rules you You mock Their images and grace And wonder why crime overwhelms you You burn… Continue reading “A Letter To the Foolish” – Poetry

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“The End Of Confusion and Fear” – Poetry

The ancient tune’s a’calling me Away to where so few have gone. I run to join that joyful dance With the knowledge that it’s where I belong – But how I long to share the light and love with you, To laugh and cry at all the beauty here, And to race you to the… Continue reading “The End Of Confusion and Fear” – Poetry

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“Guide” – Poetry

Guide me quick, guide me slow Jewels of silence, falling snow. Guide me low, guide me high Empty place where peace abides. Guide me shallow, guide me deep Room of darkness treasure keeps. Guide me hard, guide me soft Crawling turtle, bird aloft. Guide me short, guide me long May your insight keep me strong.… Continue reading “Guide” – Poetry

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“There Is No Time” – Poetry

Waiting – Waiting - Will the moment never come? Waiting – Waiting - How can it take so long? Worry – Worry - What if I did something wrong? Hurry – Hurry! Let the wait be over and done! Searching – Searching - The answer must be here. Wonder – Wonder - Now the truth… Continue reading “There Is No Time” – Poetry

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“Open” – Poetry

Open, dear reader, and you shall see the words of learning and true beauty - Open, dear reader, and you shall know the gentle rains that make life grow. Open, dear reader, and you shall find the Helpful Hints to free your mind - Open, dear reader, both night and day to learn about the… Continue reading “Open” – Poetry