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“Weighted and Shackled” – Poetry

Weighted and shackled, I struggle on

Knowing the cost of surrender is high

Endless worlds spiraling outward

As Divinity’s quill passes by

I beg a little of that inspiration

A chance to recapture that childhood dream

Then carried on a distant breeze, a whisper

“Take heart. Things are not what they seem.”

From here, I was taken – caught up by the wind

And reminded the Gods know no time like man

Then how can I say that it truly exists

If I’m but a speck on Their hand?

How little we know! Yet we call ourselves wise

And perhaps these shackles are of our own making

And all that I need for my own inspiration

Is to use the all the keys I’ve been keeping

Poetry Copyright © 2020 by Ena Whiteraven   All rights reserved.

Image: found online, photographer unknown

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