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Lit. News: “Lady Of Attica” – part one

The dedication and acknowledgements page, as well as part one of "Lady Of Attica" are available to read for free here on T.W.N. under the title heading on the main menu. It came out very well, if I do say so myself. Enjoy! E.W.

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Lit. Update: Future Steps

It feels good to finally have my poetry book released in some form. However, the work doesn't stop there. Now I face the challenges of promoting it. As I already knew, "self-publishing" requires you to fund most of the work yourself. It gets disheartening and a bit stressful, but it's what I have to do… Continue reading Lit. Update: Future Steps

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“Guide” – Poetry

Guide me quick, guide me slow Jewels of silence, falling snow. Guide me low, guide me high Empty place where peace abides. Guide me shallow, guide me deep Room of darkness treasure keeps. Guide me hard, guide me soft Crawling turtle, bird aloft. Guide me short, guide me long May your insight keep me strong.… Continue reading “Guide” – Poetry

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“There Is No Time” – Poetry

Waiting – Waiting - Will the moment never come? Waiting – Waiting - How can it take so long? Worry – Worry - What if I did something wrong? Hurry – Hurry! Let the wait be over and done! Searching – Searching - The answer must be here. Wonder – Wonder - Now the truth… Continue reading “There Is No Time” – Poetry