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“Special Feature! Just because the world is in chaos doesn’t mean it’s too late.”

  Please join us online and out in the world. Connect with loved ones and neighbors, strangers and friends. Share this information wherever you can. Even I have been upping my game! Several new pages will be added to this site right away and a new post will debut shortly after this. New personal posts… Continue reading “Special Feature! Just because the world is in chaos doesn’t mean it’s too late.”

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“The Story Of Beautiful Light” – Poetry

There once was a beautiful light, Sent down from the greatest of heights. Those below saw it all, And they sniffed and guffawed! But the light was still burning and bright.   This gift that was sent from above, In kindness and gentlest love - And they giggled and scorned, At the colors unborn -… Continue reading “The Story Of Beautiful Light” – Poetry