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“There Is No Time” – Poetry

Waiting – Waiting –
Will the moment never come?
Waiting – Waiting –
How can it take so long?
Worry – Worry –
What if I did something wrong?
Hurry – Hurry!
Let the wait be over and done!

Searching – Searching –
The answer must be here.
Wonder – Wonder –
Now the truth has been made clear.
Suffer – Suffer
There’s no need. And why the fear?
Desperate – Desperate
To achieve the prize so dear.

Rushing – Rushing –
While beauty passed me by.
Resting – Resting –
My mind is clear, and I’m
Calmer – Wiser –
My heart is soothed with rhyme.
Learning – Growing –
Because there is no “time”.


Copyright © 2016 – 2023 by Ena Whiteraven
All rights reserved.

Photography: artist unknown

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