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“A Lesson From Rock Bottom” – Poetry


Buffeting winds! Blades of ice.

Light of a candle calls you

Courage and strength both fail

Hope and joy released as birds

Shadows of warmth cruelly mock you –

Knees give way to an endless descent

With final breath, you cry out

From the bottomless pit of death.

But what is this?

Not oblivion, but … a step

Suspended on air!

A stairway stretches before you,

And the top – the same distant flame

Flickering against the velvet black.

How insurmountable! Yet occasionally

A hand pulls, pushes, lifts –

Until you find yourself back on the edge of the precipice.

With love, they gently raise you

Feet on solid ground

And you embrace the revelation:

The door never opened was truly ignored.

Flickering candle turns to blazing bonfire.

And you are guided by a thousand hands.


Poetry Copyright © 2020 – 2023 by Ena Whiteraven  All rights reserved.

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