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“Judgment” – Poetry

You are the Lover, the sweetness of Life

The Star that shines forever

Your temple sits in ruins, Your priestess abandons You

You Whose wings have sheltered us and helped us take flight

You blocked the poison arrows

Our enemies turned to dust

Because of You, there was music and laughter

A fire to warm us and bountiful lands

Children adored You, the waters were pure

How we have enraged You! How dreadful is our crime!

We punish the pure of heart

And reward the rape of our Mother

We curse the life-giving waters

Our children spit on Your shrine

You without Whom we have nothing

Our preserver, our lover, our queen.

You send the demons to our table

You send horrors to our beds

You let the arrows pass by

And the enemies slay millions each night.

The curse is well-deserved

The very bread in our mouths turns against us

You Who we called the Whore

Have turned Your back on Your children.

And how right you are!


Poetry Copyright © 2019 – 2023 Ena Whiteraven     All Rights Reserved.

Photography: unknown

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