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Poetry: “Happy New Year – It’s the End of Your World”

"It takes two to tango" - this is their excuse Yes. A victim and a perpetrator. You make your lofty promises - equality for all, do as you please If you get caught, spew hate in the face of Virtue. Subliminal images and sounds are crystal clear now Your follies, your perversions laid bare for… Continue reading Poetry: “Happy New Year – It’s the End of Your World”

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“I Walk With You” – Poetry

Magical journeys through worlds unknown Hidden crevices and caverns Majestic peaks and shadowy depths All the wonders of Heaven and Earth Histories told only to a chosen few And dances taught by the stars Races of boundless creativity Peaceful streams and pleasant hills Spirits large and small Some innocent, some wise Some are treacherous and… Continue reading “I Walk With You” – Poetry