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Poetry: “Happy New Year – It’s the End of Your World”

“It takes two to tango” – this is their excuse

Yes. A victim and a perpetrator.

You make your lofty promises – equality for all, do as you please

If you get caught, spew hate in the face of Virtue.

Subliminal images and sounds are crystal clear now

Your follies, your perversions laid bare for all to witness

Heaven has been proven right – always is, always will be.

Four horsemen bring your great reward as the pure of heart and soul ascend

With the angels to their place above to offer peace to those who seek.

While you sink deep into the nine realms (you’re the ones who helped create them)

You think you’ll get to rule the spheres, but in truth, you’ve sold your souls –

Bit by bit.

Piece by piece.

Thought by thought.

Wish by wish.

And all those secrets you think God doesn’t know

You now display proudly as the latest trend and fashion –

But only those like you will follow

Onto the new Titanic

For we all know how it ends.

You could have welcomed the ageless joy. You could’ve danced with fairies and cherubs.

You could have embraced the Gods above – but instead

You spat in Their eyes.

So, farewell to those who fall and take pride in their lust and vanity

For you have a date with a great Fatality

Happy New Year – it’s the end of your world.

Spontaneously penned the night of Jan. 3rd, 2023 – Based on Alura Cein’s Trumpet Blasts and The Angelic Herald.

Poetry: Copyright © 2023 by Ena Whiteraven  All rights reserved.

Image found online. No copyright violation intended.


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