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“Free-will (and Other Lies)” – Poetry

A moving picture postcard, animated scenery, and dramas taken from the pages of a scripted comedy. What is it you see? Just what you expect: Material from Vaudeville and conveniences that lack All purpose, life, and passion - Set designs so cold and wooden. Who is there behind it? Who has fed the Beast? Who… Continue reading “Free-will (and Other Lies)” – Poetry

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T.W.N. Update! How to Follow, Changes to Site, Personal Blog, and Literary News

  To my long-time followers, thanks for staying with me on my journey. To those who are new here, welcome! It's been a while since I wrote an update post for this site. If you've been here for a while, you will remember why; but let me clarify a few things for anyone who might… Continue reading T.W.N. Update! How to Follow, Changes to Site, Personal Blog, and Literary News

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“Eyes Wide” – Poetry

Heritage replaced with agendas Unvarnished truth replaced with convenience Warmth and joy replaced with icy stares Growth replaced with competitive stagnation The proof, it screams! The eyes unveiled. Such a burden they often bear Minds filled with endless queries Scavenger hunts that last an eternity Ridiculed and cut down, yet they still persevere Their questions… Continue reading “Eyes Wide” – Poetry

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“To the Righteous” – Poetry

Let us sing the old, old song Of the Love that's freely given Starbursts glitter! Infinite Mind's Regalia of joy we live in Raindrops within raindrops Indestructible ties are binding Memories returning through The darkened mist that shrouds them Clawing your way up From beneath the mire of ruin Destined to be at one with… Continue reading “To the Righteous” – Poetry

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Author Site Update: New Content, Final Pages

Heading into spring, I've altered my schedule in preparation for upcoming changes. I will now be posting new content to my author site and/or personal blog on Tuesdays. Several new personal posts have been added to Superlative Deviation already. My primary focus is on completing the final pages of my novel, and this schedule should… Continue reading Author Site Update: New Content, Final Pages

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“A Letter To the Foolish” – Poetry

You treat Their Names with no respect And wonder why honor has left you You steal Their gifts given freely in love And wonder why famine destroys you You betray Their teachings, pervert Their signs And wonder why Tyranny rules you You mock Their images and grace And wonder why crime overwhelms you You burn… Continue reading “A Letter To the Foolish” – Poetry

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“Combing the Locks” – Poetry

Reclined upon a tapestried throne Silence. Contemplation. A tangled web goes ‘round and ‘round Visions of restlessness plague me! As the Weaver Of Destiny Tallies the ties I have lost. A weaver skilled is she Wisdom burning in her myriad eyes The strands so different, yet the same. Why mourn the sacrifice? Where is the… Continue reading “Combing the Locks” – Poetry

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“Union Of Rebirth” – Poetry

A wounded soul A gentle sprite Silken fingers Mend the gash Orbs of tears Rimmed black and blue Meet radiant stars Laced with night Healing balm Water of Life Inner Sanctuary unlocked Twin souls unite Poetry Copyright © 2019 - 2023 by Ena Whiteraven  All rights reserved. First image found on Internet, courtesy of Woodstock Farm… Continue reading “Union Of Rebirth” – Poetry

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“Guide” – Poetry

Guide me quick, guide me slow Jewels of silence, falling snow. Guide me low, guide me high Empty place where peace abides. Guide me shallow, guide me deep Room of darkness treasure keeps. Guide me hard, guide me soft Crawling turtle, bird aloft. Guide me short, guide me long May your insight keep me strong.… Continue reading “Guide” – Poetry

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“There Is No Time” – Poetry

Waiting – Waiting - Will the moment never come? Waiting – Waiting - How can it take so long? Worry – Worry - What if I did something wrong? Hurry – Hurry! Let the wait be over and done! Searching – Searching - The answer must be here. Wonder – Wonder - Now the truth… Continue reading “There Is No Time” – Poetry