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Announcement / Lit. Update, and Coming Soon!

  I’m happy to report I’ve received my first rejection for the cozy mystery! Now, you’re probably wondering why rejection would make me happy. Firstly, it’s part of the job. If you are going to be an author and work in the publishing arena, then you have to be comfortable with rejection. This is not the first one I received, but it is one of the first since the new revisions to the manuscript. The fact that I was able to accept it, be ok with myself and my work, and move on says I’ve come a long way. Now I’m beginning to feel like a real writer. 

I am also in the process of doing something all writers should do but very seldom consider: learning some tips to plan my financial future. Writers probably dislike thinking about money even more than most people. We just want to be able to write what we love, put it out there, get paid, and not have to think about the details. However, I found some very good advice and am learning little by little. Balancing life means going a bit slower than I’d like to sometimes, but life goes by too fast anyway. Learning can’t be rushed. As they say, “Measure twice; cut once.” 

I will be posting a very exciting update soon! You definitely won’t want to miss it. A teaser post will go up the week before, so stay tuned!

  • E.W.

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