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Lit. Update: Reality, Research, and Future Surprise

  As fellow writers will know, the submission process can be daunting and time consuming. I have been keeping track of the dates of my various submissions and am also in the process of investigating alternative publishing platforms – specifically for the poetry book. I’m not sure exactly how to release it yet. There’s still a lot to learn. For the cozy mystery, I definitely hope to have it published traditionally (which is ideally what I want for all my work, regardless of genre).

  Invariably, people who don’t work in publishing or the literary field have an unrealistic idea of what it means to be a writer; and writers have an unrealistic idea of what it means to be an author. Recently, I dove deeper into research by reading David Comfort’s An Insider’s Guide to Publishing. While I don’t approve of the language he often uses, I do highly recommend this book for anyone who is even thinking of trying to put their work out there. Caution: prepare for a serious reality check. Due to past experiences, things I’ve learned the hard way on my own, and even in-depth topics discussed with my personal mentor, I wasn’t shocked or surprised by the content. Much of what I already knew was confirmed, but it was also very encouraging to be reminded that rejection doesn’t necessarily equal bad writing.

  I may post a couple more poetry excerpts in the meantime, but. I’m still unsure. However, there is one thing that’s decided. In the upcoming weeks and months, a surprise will be coming to T.W.N. I can’t reveal anything right now, but stay tuned for another update soon. It will be a real treat for readers!

May you and your families have a blessed end of year.

  • E.W.

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