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T.W.N. Update! How to Follow, Changes to Site, Personal Blog, and Literary News

  To my long-time followers, thanks for staying with me on my journey. To those who are new here, welcome! It’s been a while since I wrote an update post for this site. If you’ve been here for a while, you will remember why; but let me clarify a few things for anyone who might be curious.  Firstly, I’m very glad that The Whiteraven Net finally has it’s own domain! I made the change about a week ago.

  Secondly, the content of this site will remain the same. This is where I showcase some of my completed poetry work and occasionally post information that’s very important to me. However, I do have a few long-term goals that I’ll speak on at a later date.

  Recently, I’ve gotten several questions about how to follow the site and receive updates when new content is posted. If you already have a WordPress account, just look for the blue button on the right side of the home page that says “Follow”. It should also appear to the right of this post. If you don’t have an account, you can also sign up using your email address. This option also appears on the right side of your screen.

  As a reminder, all literary updates are being posted to my personal blog, Superlative Deviation. You can find the link on the page I’ve dedicated to explaining that platform. There I not only share more literary content (including the work of other writers) but also a number of personal posts, behind-the-scenes, writing prompts I’ve engaged in, and a huge amount of content that does not appear here. Those who are following that blog are also updated on the progress of my first novel. I’m also letting them in on a few holiday and family traditions and group activities I participate in to inspire positive life changes in others. The content is always expanding there, so check it out! 

May you all make the most of this holiday season by working to restore love, motivation, imagination, empathy, excitement, joy, and family values – inspite of popular trend.

  • E.W.

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