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“From the Place Outside Of Time” – Poetry

fairy queen

Birthed into a foreign world

My face so unlike me

Caught within the vicious cycle

Pure insanity.

I recall a droplet

On the crystal spiderweb

Reminded by the angel

Balancing both heart and head.

Memories returning,

Fighting through the darkened shroud

Bursting into consciousness

Within the time allowed.

In a world apart,

I tread the forests and the streams

Here there is no midnight

And no space in which to dream.

Variety is endless!

In this perfected home

Yet I always wander

And walk my path alone.

Then I saw the beauty

Of the rulers of that sphere

One stretched forth her broken wing

And gently drew me near.

We danced among the fairies

We viewed the magic rites

We watched the horrors far below

Fueled by the serpent’s bite.

You taught me the dark secret

That had split the human mind

Because of you, I chose to be

A soul of another kind.

My, we were a pair!

And perhaps that was the plan

Training for our debut

In the final age of man.

One to journey from the stars

And one to feel the grief

One to play upon the harp

And one to feel relief.

One to dance before the Gods

And one to cry Their names

One to rise up from the earth

And one to heal from shame.

Both to master great illusion

And, at last, to fly!

Recalling who we were and are

And see beyond  the lie.

Let us sparkle on this web

Of infinite creation

In the mind  of One Who sits

In endless contemplation.

And, perhaps, we’ll reminisce

Or pen an ancient rhyme

Of all the joy and wonder

Of that place outside of time.

Poetry Copyright © 2020 by Ena Whiteraven  All rights reserved.

Artist unknown

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