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“Boundless Void”

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If Heaven’s greatest love to offer

Proved a fateful chance

You’d turn away

Without delay

To seek the Great Romance.

And if you saw a house of sadness

Made of skin and bone

From warmth you’d flee

To set them free

And face the world alone.

To sit and think in silence

And, as no fool, you know

The curve and the line

 Of the dubious mind

And the scent of the lengthening shadow.

A soul in tiger’s coat,

You curse them to Abyss’ deep tide

And off you go

On tippy-toe

Disguised as Boundless Void.


Poetry Copyright © 2017 – 2023 by Ena Whiteraven    All rights reserved. 

Dedicated to Flora.

Image: photographer unknown, found on internet, no copyright violation intended

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