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“Born Yesterday” – Poetry

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The child of the temple with her head all in curls

Danced before the altar of nefarious words

The heartthrob of the masses taken so long ago

A shame no one thought to check the deep shadows

I wonder what would happen if I called out their game?

But make no mistake – I wasn’t born yesterday.


The golden hair, the scarlet lips that sang so sweet

Tell me why they say her ghost hasn’t found peace?

A man more recent knowing that he’ll run out of time

Desperately pointing to a most deadly line

I wish that I could rule the world for one single day!

But make no mistake – I wasn’t born yesterday.


They tell you “watch the colors” and you’ll suddenly know

The secrets of the universal magic lantern show

They tell you “make a wish” and you’ll suddenly climb

Ararat, McKinley, and the Hollywood sign

How pleasant it would be if someone meant what they say.

But make no mistake – I wasn’t born yesterday.


Poetry Copyright © 2018 – 2023 by Ena Whiteraven   All rights reserved. 

Artwork: artist unknown

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