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“Starlight Haven” – Poetry

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Birth – meant for convenience and enslavement

Life – valueless, pitiable

Death – merely hours away

Sunlight – a strange word in a foreign language


Torture – a way of life

Bone – what you hear scrape against the floor

Blade – to puncture and prod

Smiles – to mock and degrade


Festival – an order to purge

Pleasure – permission for pain

Tradition – a dance of slaughter

Normality – the reign of the tyrant


Kindness – a rare commodity

Love – a trait of questioning minds

Peace – the mark of a radical

Unity – the goal of the fools


Release – the bars no longer confining

Oxygen – a gift of the Gods

Freedom – a strange new reality

Healing – wounds vanish without trace


Understanding – the monsters become the angels

Compassion – feather-light touch from iron hands

Sanctuary – the home of all generations

Starlight – defying the armies of death


Poetry Copyright © 2018 – 2023 by Ena Whiteraven  All Rights Reserved.

Inspired by the Animal Rights Movement and various animal sanctuaries and volunteers

Photo: Farm Sanctuary (found on web)

Second image/featured image: photographer unknown

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