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 “The Reminder” – Poetry


A stranger in a strange land

Descend into the lions’ den.

Images of Monsters

Stare down with blazing eyes

At the figure so minuet

 Amusement   rich    and long!

Despair floods her inner most heart

Fear conquers her fragile sanctuary

How can she possibly rise above them

This mere speck upon the earth?

Her existence lasts seconds to them

And they think themselves eternal.

Then, the firmament shakes from edge to edge

Rippling out, straining at the seams!

Tears like liquid darts fired from the gods!

The monstrous creatures shield their eyes

Rushing, shoving, desperately squeezing

Into a cleft of rock

While, exposed to nature’s wrath,

The stranger bows low in honor

And rising, lifts her eyes to heaven

And thanks them for her brief existence.

Then – the stillness

Sudden peace

The air wiped clean of all debris

And Heaven bows low to the stranger in returned

And glistens with a Thousand Eyes.

And all the Images of Monsters,

Brought to life by Violent Thoughts,

Observe in mute wonderment

This thing, this tiny speck upon the earth

For whom such reminders from Those Above

Are the jewels of daily life.



Poetry Copyright © 2018 – 2023 by Ena Whiteraven   All rights reserved.

Artwork and Quotations: Alura Cein



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