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Lit. Update: S.D., Mystery, Poetry, and Publishing Options

  While I am still querying agents for my first novel, I’m also considering releasing the poetry book through another medium. My goal is still to be traditionally published, as there truly is no such thing as “self-publishing”. In my spare time, I’ve also discovered other educational resources which I will share at a future date, for those interested.

  I will continue updating as I try my hand at this platform. Should all go well, I’ll post the release date for my first poetry book to T.W.N., as well as my Instagram, Facebook, and Medium pages. It will be a day to celebrate! (For links to these platforms, see author bio page.)

  No new content has been posted to Medium yet, as life has been extremely hectic of late. However, there is a special announcement at Superlative Deviation. Check it out! I’m starting a mini series featuring some vegan, environmental, and health research I’ve dabbled in for years and have decided to share. The series is for the benefit of those who feel overwhelmed or confused by the growing selection of items with vegan labels but that sometimes have very environmentally-unfriendly materials in them. Links to some of the source material I’ve referenced will go up on S.D.’s “Cruelty Free Life” page after the first post goes up next Tuesday.

With some hard work, this holiday season will see the appearance of more new material here on T.W.N., as well. Teaser posts will go up before the reveal. Stay tuned, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  • E.W.

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