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Lit. Update, Site Changes, and Poetry Book!

  As the start of a special celebration I recognize draws near, T.W.N. is going to experience some changes. On the advice of my mentor, I am starting work on my poetry book! I don’t usually post literary updates here anymore, but I will for the poetry.

Over recent months, I have been trying to hold back on some of the poems I’ve written. There are several I have not shared with publicly, and some of the ones that previously appeared on this site are being re-written and extended. Therefore, I will be removing several posts from this site and extremely limiting the amount of new content I release. Those items that remain on the site will only be excerpts from longer poems and feature a notice about the upcoming book at the bottom of the page. These changes go into effect immediately. 

Life has been very busy for me lately, and it’s about to get even busier. I’m not giving up, even though it’s tough. And I hope you will join me in the exciting times ahead.

  • E.W.

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