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Literary and Site Update!

Novel Update

Fellow writers, beware!  The publishing world, like all other industries these days, is riddled with con artists. Even if an agency or publisher doesn’t set out to scam writers in the beginning, it often turns into a scam later on. I’ve already received a warning and am on my guard. As I continue to proof read and revise the cozy mystery,  the time is coming when I’ll need to ask some tough questions – and then ask them again. It’s been a long journey, and we’re not through yet.


Superlative Deviation and the Whiteraven Net

  The “News” page of this site will feature notices regarding which projects are about to be released. New poems are being posted soon, and I’m planning on sharing one of my short stories with everyone. This site will primarily serve as my online resume, which means the majority of future literary updates will be posted to Superlative Deviation. Follow here to stay updated:


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