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“Dear Friend” – Poetry

In fear I tremble – dark of night –
The racing terrors holding sway –
Disturbed by images bold and bright –
Cowering, praying for light of day.

A friend I have, far off in space –
A palace of moon beams and feathers abounds.
Mind frozen still – words hastily vanish –
Emptiness. Panic surrounds!

I cry out the name! Desperate. Pleading – and then –
The strangest occurrence. A bending of time –
Soul like a river being rippled by wind –
The sweetest of songs lifts the mind –

Her beautiful form appears, gentle and slow –
The warrior’s heart in her breast –
I drift off to slumber, rocking deep, rocking low –
As my dear friend brings safety at last.

Copyright © 2016 – 2023 by Ena Whiteraven
All rights reserved.


Artist unknown, no copyright violation intended.

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