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Lit. and Life Update: Refresh and Expansion

As we continue through the celestial energies, many changes are being affected in my own life. At long last, I’m building a better foundation that will eventually lead to major alterations. I need the quiet time for introspection, other work, and the new realizations that are coming up.

I’m studying for a new day job (finally!). So, wish me luck. It’s on a much more professional level, and it may take a while for me to get up to speed.

I have it on good authority that lots of surprises will be coming in 2023. This will more than likely include literary surprises. I have a lot on hold right now as I work on balancing, but the new entry for “The True Sacred Space” will be up soon. An update on my autobiographical short story is also forthcoming.

As I re-work my schedule and try to manage my energy a little better, I’ll be able to focus more on bigger projects. New content is also coming to my Instagram page. So, be sure to follow me there (see the Author page for link).

Happy Grianstad!

  • E.W.

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