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Lit. Update: Personal Story

Earlier this year, I received two writing prompts to choose from. The first became “Lady Of Attica”. The second I rejected.

Recently, I went back over that assignment and decided to take up the challenge again. The second prompt was more personal, and I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of creating a short story version of my own spiritual journey. I don’t like sharing things like that online and was quite surprised that it was suggested.

However, we are now drawing towards the end of the Angelic Year. That means new festivities and big changes are around the corner. We are also in the midst of major celestial changes, and people are abandoning their faith, belief in the Heavens and God, and turning on one another in a way that they never should have chosen.

Therefore, I’ve agreed to take up the old challenge and release an extremely abbreviated version of my personal story. The first draft is already complete and awaiting editing. The exact release date is still pending, but like “Lady Of Attica” it will be available to read for free here on T.W.N.

I won’t reveal anything more in this post, but I believe this will be a good addition to the site long term. There will be some additional content and news coming up this fall, as well. Stay tuned for more thought-provoking surprises!

  • E.W.

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