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“Barefoot Dancing” – Poetry

To perfect your barefoot dancing, first recall the special thrill

Of the sight of sunbeams dancing on a bedroom windowsill.

Summer leaves that flutter and a sky alive with blue

Jump rope contents set to songs of birds of every hue.

Release the stingy, grown-up mind and endless empty chatter

Replace with open heart and mind and kind but playful banter.

Ignore restrictions, propaganda, wounds, and perceived failures

Allow yourself to be at one with all the joyful laughter!

Once your feet are reunited with sweet nature’s rhythm

Stare up at the clouds above to find the faces in them.

And as your spirit clears, stop – and give a respectful nod

For life is always lived in clear view of all the Gods.

Poetry Copyright © 2020 by Ena Whiteraven   All rights reserved.

Image: found online

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