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“Everybody Loves a Man In Uniform” – Poetry


In my day, there was no image

No multi-colored hues,

Yet we had the steady drum beat –

We had the Joker, too.

My mother’s tears were wasted,

Though I did it all for her  –

I sought to make my father proud.

Oh, how the lies did burn!


I never did remember

The one lesson for that day.

I only know it now

Because an angel paved the way.

History was fiction,

And the hypnotizing glare

Of the ever-present darkness

Makes the truth harder to bear.


Reality was triggered!

And the two connected minds

Shine a blazing light upon

This season’s final times.

The same old pleasant smiles –

The same old wine and candy –

To mask the blackened altar

Where the sacrifice is buried.


Poor, deluded humans

Still sell their souls for dreams!

At least when I was younger,

No one used the flashing screen.

Everybody loves a man in uniform

Yes, yes – they surely do.

And you’ll never give a second thought –

Until that man is you.


Poetry Copyright © 2020 by Ena Whiteraven   All rights reserved.

Based on a karma reading from Alura Cein

Artwork: artist unknown



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