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“The Fading” – Poetry

                   images pray

All illusion fades away

And Source and I are one.

From life to death from death to life

The magick now is done.

If you, dear child, seek the truth

And search to find your way –

Look into the mirror deep,

And see the light of day.

The shadows of our dreams have taught

Of truths we have denied.

The horrors of the Black Box

Instill darkness deep inside.

To shut it out will save your soul

And future generations.

Hear now the inner whisper

Guiding you far from temptations.

A brilliant vision meets you there

Of wise ascended sages.

You are welcomed and will build

The Paradise Of Ages.

Innocence can now restore

Imaginative dreams

And in the Constant Now you find

The Sweet Infinity.


Poetry Copyright © 2018 – 2023 by Ena Whiteraven   All rights reserved.

Images: photographer unknown

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