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  “A Labyrinth Of Mind” – Poetry


A light sits in the labyrinth

Of delicate shape and simple mind,

Flickering in its endless dance,

The gem of eternity fair.


Its walls are high,

The sky a steel gray –

Twist. Turn. Forward. Back.

Corners. Curves. A place to rest. A place to hide.

A place of joy precedes a place of horror.


The light becomes the spider

Spinning its starry web

Suspended in the aether –

Shooting. Spinning in silence.


And the constant song known only to her,

Joins a celestial chorus

Of love divine.

The curves of the labyrinth unite

And offer up their jewels to share –


To become the emerald fields

Where the child runs forever

Love or War? Life or Death?

Joy or Sorrow? Which shall you choose?

The power of creation is in your hands.


Be wise, children. Be wise…


Poetry Copyright © 2017 – 2023 Ena Whiteraven   All Rights Reserved.

Photography and artwork: artists unknown

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