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“Just Like Me” – Poetry

I looked into the largest sea
And saw myself looking back at me.
I gazed into the ocean deep
And saw my body fast asleep.

But as I watched the ocean’s tide,
I glimpsed a darkness still alive.
The challenge drew me to the past,
To ugly thoughts revealed at last.

I passed through an old gaping door
That marked where hurt had been before.
And on the other side I see
A darkness that looks just like me.

Then someone with great common sense
Showed me it was just a lens
And whispered wisdom in my ear,
Because I had the ears to hear.

Then with strength that stood apart,
My arms encircled all the dark.
And with a kiss I thanked it all
And let the darkness fade and fall.

Before I wake, I say a prayer
For everyone who travels there
That they may see their private hell
Is really just a golden well.

And riches great can flow from there
Knowledge and wisdom beyond compare.
To turn away would be a sin,
For beautiful is the strength within.

I still pass through gaping doors
That mark where hurt has been before.
And on the other side I see
A darkness that looks just like me.

Poetry Copyright © 2017 – 2023 by Ena Whiteraven
All rights reserved.

Artist unknown. No copyright violation intended.


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