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“The Challenging Reality: Vegan Leather”

First installment of the mini series “The Challenging Reality” on Superlative Deviation.

Superlative Deviation: Life With Meaning, Life With Joy

Recently, I have been furthering my understanding of vegan and cruelty-free topics – specifically with regards to clothing, textiles, and manufacturing. As someone who never conformed to what most people saw as a normal diet and was considered by many to be vegetarian before it was “cool”, I was thrilled to see the huge selection of food items, personal care products, and clothing that suddenly became vegan-friendly. However, the key word is “suddenly”.

This post will focus primarily on research I’ve been doing and questions I’ve been asking about the vegan leather industry. These questions were prompted by necessary changes to my wardrobe, mainly in the shoe category. Because I am a person who walks almost everywhere, I’m very practical when it comes to footwear. Arch support issues, toe shape, and personal style makes me almost impossible to fit. When I need new shoes (which is almost all the time)…

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