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“When the Sun Passed Slowly” – Poetry

I recall the moments of my youth so long ago

In the days of sparkling Christmases and falling snow

Adventures had in foreign lands and journeys to explore

Magical kingdoms that stretched between the hallway and the door

The mailbox was a portal, the kitchen stool a throne

The rolling pin a magic wand, the steps were sacred stones

The paneled living room a forest, the fireplace a dragon

The backyard was a village that a thousand fairies lived in

The metal fence a fortress, the sidewalk a dirt road

The broken bench a table ’round which strange tales were told

I recall the moments of my youth so long ago

When the sun passed slowly over linoleum floors that glowed

And since I can remember, perhaps I will revive

That little piece of Heaven’s joy within my current life

The wise man said, “Simply – you live the life you make

“So add imagination to the world that you create.”

After all, it’s part of me – so I’m resolved one day

To dance upon linoleum within the golden rays.

Poetry Copyright © 2021 by Ena Whiteraven   All rights reserved.

Image: found online

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