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“The Ocean’s Made For Swimming” – Poetry

Melody of ancient days

Single mind with voices raised

Nurturing waves and sea foam’s kiss

Spells to bind or grant each wish

Strength and elegance, power and grace

Wisdom etched in every face

Storms that rage as Forces clash

With destruction of a nine-tongued lash

Salvation is granted to those who choose

The purest light over darker hues

Air is made to breathe, and the tunnel for lighting

Music to soothe, and illusions for breaking

Hands are for kindness, language for healing

Feet to tread gently, and wings for uplifting

You’ll never see Infinity if that’s not what you’re seeking

For the Gods have told us that the ocean’s made for swimming

Poetry Copyright © 2021 by Ena Whiteraven   All rights reserved.

Inspired by the work of Alura Cein

Image: Header image by Molly Harrison (found online), second image found online – artist unknown

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