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“What’s Your Poison?” – Poetry

Common sense abandoned

Countless warnings issued (remember how the skies roared?)

Proof of Heralds night and day, growing body count of sacrifice victims

Obvious Frankensteinian experimentation

The whole worlds sees. The whole worlds knows.

Devastating side-effects broadcasted

Those who drink are robbed of empathy

Those who drink can not feel God

Those who drink change the double spiral

Who knows what chaos such will bring?

And yet they still clamor and worship the Dark God

How unjust! What foolish choices! Such a spiritual crime!

Heaven, have mercy on them!

Was it worth the spoonful of sugar?

There will be retribution one day – but on which side will you stand?

Poetry Copyright © 2021 by Ena Whiteraven   All rights reserved.

Artwork: first image found online, photographer unknown – second image originally posted by Alura Cein on Universal Souls

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