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“A Note On Chaos” – Poetry


Year after year, the agenda is worked

Orchestrated illness = orchestrated cure

Unless you hearken to Heaven’s Word


Angelics herald with guidance and protection, but you

Run towards chaos and destruction

Endlessly ignoring salvation and truth


Believers work the path with wary eyes and opened hearts

Encouraging others through word and deed

Innermost souls crying for the ignorant, yet

Never relenting, never degraded, never defeated

Gathering as the collective to birth a glorious refuge


Until then, so many lessons and goals!

Second chances may not come

Enable your empathy! Release your pride and join us, or else

Death of the “firstborn” will follow once again


Poetry Copyright © 2019 by Ena Whiteraven   All rights reserved.

Based on: “One Thing After Another…” and Angelic Promise

Artwork: found online, artist unknown


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